Lets Talk About Why You Need A Website!


A well designed informative website can reach out and sell to the global market place in a short span of time. 

Websites also provides 24hr availability for prospective and current clients to browse your products or services 

and can act as an online showroom for your business. However the image protrayed is important and the team

at Metallic is here to make that easy for you.


Metallic builds, designs and offers support in every effort to satisfy our clients. We focus on keeping your

organisation up-to-date with the latest advances of technology and the best digital marketing methods available

today. Metallic advises that in today's world of technology websites are key since there are so many gadgets to

view them from. 



Metallic can help you make the most of your Website!


    • Enhance Communication

 Offers 24/7 availability

 Provides functions for text, pictures, audio and video

 Allows instant easy upgrades & changes



    •  Marketing Opportunities

 Product info on demand

Global reach

Carry out market research

Download and print availability from anywhere



    • Distribute Information

Provide large amounts of info


Deliver info in multiple formats

Share audio, music and speeches

Share training and do-it-yourself videos

Share images, arts and photos



    • Conduct E-Commerce 

Sells products

World wide sales

Promote services

Lower cost of sales



    • Promote Your Company

Show products and services

Tell the world about your company

Convey company mission, principles & policies