It's time for a Newsletter!


Email Marketing also known as Newletters is a direct marketing technique used to send ads, request business,

advertise sales, update your customers on new products and is meant to build brand loyalty, trust and brand

awareness via email. In using this service your Newletter can be privately branded to help build your image and

brand, while enhancing the relationship with current or previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty  and

repeat business.


Newsletters can be done either using a cold customer list or a current customer database. Using Metallic Designs

we can track and give you reports on how effective your newletter has been. The details will show you:

  • how much emails were delivered
  • how much people opened your email
  • which emails unsubscribed and their reason for doing so
  • which countries your newsletter was opened from
  • which email addresses bounced and why




Advantages of Email Marketing


This method of marketing has become so popular today because:

  •  it is cheaper and faster
  • can be tracked to see exact return on investment
  • can reach a large number of subcribers in a single blast